Obsessing Over A Sentence

My writing usually starts off slowly. I get an idea; I write a few things down; I sit and think. Then after an incalculable amount of thinking, I “get in the zone” and I can’t write fast enough for my thoughts. It’s like I’m watching a movie unfold in my own head and I have to write down every single detail for fear I’ll forget. But then I get to a point where I stop. Well, it’s not so much stopping as having a violent case of whiplash, like I’d just crashed my rocket having just entered the Earth’s atmosphere at precisely the right angle.

I have a sentence, one sentence that brings me to a complete and savage halt.

This sentence builds a barricade around the outskirts of my mind and tunnels through to its very centre, holding up a sign saying “YOU SHALL NOT PASS.” I have Gandalf’s voice on repeat in my head like an annoyingly catchy pop song.

That’s when my obsession starts. I can obsess for hours, days, even weeks over a single sentence until finally, like magic, the sentence pops into my head and the chase begins once again.

Yours truly,


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