I’ve found that I don’t have one particular way that I “storyboard” my ideas. I’ve scrippled notes on scrap pieces of paper, used the Stickies app on my Mac, scrawled on a whiteboard, and written ideas on my phone. Though, the later generally means it’s mixed in with the shopping list; bread, coffee, soul-sucking alien who takes over the world, orange juice, toilet paper.

At the moment, I’ve decided to stick palm cards all over my bedroom wall. Even though my bedroom now looks like a bullpen out of a crime drama television series, it’s working for me. I’m tired of seeing and hearing all these rules about how to write. Who makes these rules? Is there a big, mean man who’ll break down my door if I break one of these rules? (Oooohhh, I’m shaking in my boots!) Anyway my point is, there’s no right or wrong way to storyboard, or write. Just do whatever works for you. Or don’t. I’d hate to be bossy.

Perhaps next time I should try writting my ideas on the pavement with chalk.

Yours always,

A Storyboarding Flip-Flopper

P.S. I feel a bajillion dollar story idea in the making, where’s my chalk?

3 thoughts on “Storyboarding…

  1. astridannlarsen says:

    Absolutely agree with you on this and it’s the same when it comes to rules about how you should raise your children (all these people around that know everything better), rules about how to lead your professional career, or on how to be fitter…. Just do what feels right and works for you!

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  2. Sheryl says:

    Soul sucking alien. I actually laughed out loud. I’m similar in my collection, however with a tiny house all mine are digital in an excel sheet and word doc. It’s not as organized as it sounds but it works.

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