Weekend Coffee Share #2

If we were having coffee I’d tell you that I’ve had a fairly boring week. I went to work; I studied; I wrote a bit; I watched Pretty Little Liars with my Mum and nice glass of red. Oh, I also caught a twenty-four hour bug, but I’m all better now. No more germies for me!

Today I’m putting the finishing touches on an assignment. I always love it when I get to press that “submit” button. I feel so proud of myself for submitting something so groundbreaking, so world changing, so scrumdiliumptious, that I sleep like a baby. The next day I usually wake up abruptly realising that I’d written my essay on the wrong topic. No, I kid. I haven’t done that…yet. I have dreamt it though.

I’m looking forward to next week as I’ve got a pamper day booked in at the local beautification factory where I shall probably spend the ninety minutes that I’m having my facial with a stinging face. Beauty is pain after all. Having said that, I usually look like I’ve gone five rounds with a box jellyfish after having a facial. Though I’m sure some people would suggest that’s a vast improvement on the norm. I have a suggestion of my own for those people, but as I’m having coffee, which always makes me happy, I will keep said suggestion to myself.

I’ll leave you here and next week, I let you know how I get on with the jellyfish.


Weekend Coffee Share

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