Why Do I Write?

I’m constantly being asked questions about my writing. What are you working on? When will it be published? How much money will you make? Why would you write something you’re not getting paid for? The questions always seem to lead to money. But that’s not why I write.

I write because I enjoy it. I write because writing helps me work out what I’m thinking. I don’t write because I’m going to be paid a million dollars for it, though I wouldn’t say no to that! Sure, I’d love to make writing my full-time career, but as other writers know, it’s not that simple.

For now, I am content with writing for me, writing for you lovely people who are reading this right now, and writing for the sake of writing.

But then there seems to be this idea that writers who don’t get paid, or paid a substantial amount, for writing are not really writers. To this I say, phooey! A writer is someone who writes and if they happen to get paid for said writing, well that is wonderful but it is not the be all and end all.

Forever Yours,

An Unpaid Real Writer

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