Weekend Coffee Share #6

If we were having coffee I would tell you about the freak storm we’ve had this week. You may have heard on the news about the massive storm that hit South Australia. Well, guess where I live? If you said South Australia you would be correct and if you said Guatemala you probably aren’t reading this post.
So, the power went out on Wednesday afternoon. I don’t mean that the power just went out at my house, it went out for the whole state. We got power back at around lunchtime on Thursday, but there were others who still haven’t got power as I write this (I’m writing this on Saturday morning by the way).

I live in one of the hardest hit areas, but thankfully my immediate area is without major damages.

I’ve only had about four hours of sleep over the past two days, so I’m a bit on the tired side. Nothing a good strong cup of coffee can’t fix! Speaking of coffee, I managed to have a constant supply since the power went out thanks to a camp kettle, a barbeque, and a backup generator at the location I’d relocated to for work (undisclosed in case I require further emergency coffee – – first in, best dressed). Strangely, not having a cup of coffee was one of the top three things I’ve been worried about. A bit surprising I know. Actually, anyone who knows me probably wouldn’t be surprised. I love coffee.

As I’m writing this, my phone and internet are still not working (they’ve been down since midnight Wednesday), so I’m not able to post this. Hopefully, it will be back on soon. I guess if you’re reading this then it means order has been restored to the world and by order I mean internet. Seriously, it’s like I’m living in the dark ages and at one point it literally was all dark. Thank you very much Mr. Weatherill. You can always count on the labor government for one thing, to screw things up.

Anyway, no more politics. Thinking of politicians makes me nauseous.

For those of you who joined me for my Weekend Coffee Share last week, you’ll be upset to hear that Smoochie was very displeased with the weather. For the first time in five years (since we moved to the new house) Smoochie begged to come inside then, of course, proceeded to jump all over me while I was trying to sleep (hence my tiredness). She used to love coming inside our old house, demanded it really, but for some reason she doesn’t like this one.

I hope you all have had a better week than me. I’m looking on the bright side though. I can see a teensy-weensy hint of a bit of sunlight through the gloomy clouds. Really clouds, cheer up!

I’ll talk to you at our next coffee catch up. Ciao.


Weekend Coffee Share

One thought on “Weekend Coffee Share #6

  1. thecoffeebeanbrain says:

    So sorry to hear about the nasty weather and the power outage. It’s one thing to be hit by a storm but to have no access to things that you need for comfort can be frustrating. Good thing you stocked up on coffee, though. Hope you and smoochie have a good week ahead.

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