Weekend Coffee Share #12

If we were having coffee I would order myself a super-maxi-tripple-double-shot-long-black. Do they even make those?

I’ve had a very busy few weeks, enjoyable but exhausting. I saw Swan Lake by the St. Petersburg Ballet Company at Her Majesty’s Theatre in Adelaide. It was fantastic! It has been a dream of mine to see Swan Lake performed by the St. Petersburg Ballet ever since I was five years old and doing dance classes. Finally, that little girl’s dream has come true. To make it even better, I got to see it with my Mum.

I also bought a new car. A nice new  2016 Hyundai Accent, which I traded in my old Hyundai i20 for. Not knowing anything about cars except for the fact this one was in my price range, I declined a test drive. When I went to pick it up a week later my heart sunk as I became panicked when I started the car and realised that the gear box looked a lot different to my last one. As I had a short, terrifying panic attack, I remembered the six months my Dad spent trying to teach me how to drive a manual. It turns out I’m too uncoordinated to drive one. Anyway, so I put the car into drive, or what I hoped was drive, and drove forward very slowly. I couldn’t feel a third pedal, or clutch as you car-savy people call it, so I began to feel a bit better realising that I had in fact bought an automatic. Crisis averted!

Speaking of things that happened this week, I went to a very “upper-class” shopping centre and something hilariously disastrous happened. I shall change names to protect the innocent, let’s call this person Notmum. So, Notmum and I were strolling around the shopping centre using our “posh” voices, holding our teacups with pinkie fingers extended, and examining clothing in over-priced shops and exclaiming that either the item was too cheap or just soooooo last season when the truth was that we either couldn’t afford it or couldn’t fit into it, but we were enjoying ourselves none the less. So, Notmum and are wandering around and see a fancy, expensive make-up shop and decide to go in. We are greeted by a shop assistant with so many layers of make-up on that I couldn’t tell you what she actually looked like. As with any make-up shops, there were countless products to test. Notmum decides to test some hand cream, but without her glasses she was unable to read the label. I see you all cringing right about now. So, Notmum, happy as a pig in you-know-what, proceeds to pump the “hand cream” several times to get a big dollop of the expensive stuff. Unfortunately for sight challenged Notmum, the hand cream was in fact hand wash. She starts to rub her hands together and the hand wash foams up all over her hands. I then had to escort her to the nearest bathroom while attempting to shield her uncouthness from the elites all while trying, and failing, not to laugh.

Well, that’s enough of my blabbering. I’m sure you’ve got much better things to do than sit there and listen to my jibber jabber. I hope you enjoy your week and we’ll talk soon.

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