Weekend Coffee Share #13

If we were having coffee I would tell you that it’s a tea kind of day. As I write this I’m having a Twinings Black Forest Fruits tea. Delicious!

I don’t have anything overly exciting to report, no hand cream disasters this week! It’s been a stressful week at work and it appears I have another stressful week ahead. That’s okay though, it keeps me on my toes.

I’ve had a chance to do a bit of reading this week. I finished a book called The Magicians written by Lev Grossman this morning. It was given brilliant reviews and I believe it has been made into a television series, not that I’ve seen it. I was a bit disappointed to be honest. I think I’ll have to write a review. I have ordered the other two books in the series though, so I am hoping for a more positive reading experience with those.

A friend has recommended that I read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows. She has lent me the book, so I think I’ll start reading that this afternoon. Have you read any good books lately? I’ve read quite a few. Hopefully, I’ll have some reviews up in the coming weeks. I’ve been a bit slack lately with posting.

I don’t have too much to do before Christmas. We’re having a quiet day eating, having a few drinks, watching movies, and of course, reading. I’m very much looking forward to it. We have decided not to do presents this year, but rather spend our money on quality food and a few nice bottles of alcohol. I still have to do my Christmas cards though. I think that will be a job for this afternoon.

If I don’t talk to you beforehand, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Weekend Coffee Share

4 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share #13

  1. Pamela Morse says:

    We are on the same page for Christmas celebrations. We don’t need any more stuff in our house..in fact we need to continue to get rid of stuff. We splurge on festive food and drink, both at home and out on the town. We will have our fancy dining on Christmas eve at 1:30 in the afternoon at the Arizona Inn near our house because we will have the place to ourselves. We will join you on Christmas day watching movies, reading and dining at home. Thanks for coffee, Lauren. Wish you a fun celebration.

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