A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words…

Or is it?

Okay, so it’s possible I’m a bit biased. But, wait, hear me out.

So, you know how you can see a picture and really feel like you’re there. You create a story of what could possibly be happening. The accuracy of said story isn’t important. It’s about the feelings the picture brings you. But what is that story made of?


Words are the basis of our society. We need them for everything we do and everything we use. Humans have created complex language, something that sets us apart from other animals. Animals do have their own simple languages and have the ability to learn language, can I get a *woot woot* for Koko? But they don’t rely on language as heavily as we do.

Language is a part of everything we do. We use it to form ideas and opinions, verbal and non-verbal. When I look at a picture, I can’t form an opinon without words, it’s impossible. I also don’t tend to need a thousand words to form an opinion. I’m a fan of the succinct.

Does the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” mean that we need a thousand words to describe a picture, or does it mean that a picture equals a thousand words? I love semantics!

While I enjoy painting and drawing I don’t belive my pictures are worth a thousand words. They do; however, provide the possibility for varying interpretations, but then again, so do words as I’ve demonstrated above.

Yours always,

A Picture Is Not Worth A Thousand Words Camp Leader

One thought on “A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words…

  1. Beaton says:

    Semantics semantics….. Gotta love them at least I do…

    I never have enough the (Right) words to say all that I want to say I sometimes wish we didnt use words to communicate OK that would be weird if we zjust stopped talking and that’s not what I mean,… I mean if we could use more than words, like telepathy a fusion of images and words hmmmm


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