Getting Ideas For A New Writing Project

It’s quite daunting when you start a new writing project. I struggle with it. Once I’ve started I’m fine, it’s that initial idea stage that gets me.

As I’ve mentioned previously in a post (Storyboarding), I don’t have one way that I go about writing. Generally though, I’ll start out with a very vague idea, which is usually inspired by a dream I’ve had. My ideas come from words, images, and feelings.

Once I have a basic idea, I begin writing. I’m not the type of writer who writes the entire story without reading over it. I edit as I go. It takes me longer to write a story because of this, but I find it works for me. I don’t start the next sentence until I’m happy with the last.

I’m about to start my final writing project for my degree. I’m writing a 10,000 word piece and I don’t have any ideas for my story. It’s definitely daunting along with a nice chunk of overwhelming. I can’t force ideas to come to me. I know some writers are able to sit down for fifteen minutes and brainstorm a bunch of ideas, but I can’t. I have to wait until the idea finds me. It makes studying creative writing difficult. Studying means assessment deadlines and if the idea hasn’t found me by that deadline the end product is an absolute disaster.

So, what do I do to try to encourage the ideas? I relax, I go into a meditative state and clear my mind. Once I am relaxed, I find that pacing around my house helps my mind wander to places I’d blocked with my pre-meditative cluttered mind. I let my subconscious thoughts take control and lead me to the place my ideas dwell.

The other method I use is this blog. By writing about my thoughts it allows me to remove them from inside my head and store them on here making room for other items I need to concentrate on.

My tip to all of the writers reading this is to find an outlet for the thoughts blocking your ideas. It could be meditating or blogging like me, or it could in the form of playing sport, hiking, listening to music, or any other activity that works for you.

Yours always,

A Writer With Too Many Thoughts and Not Enough Ideas

4 thoughts on “Getting Ideas For A New Writing Project

  1. Joanna Lynn says:

    Great post! I have the same issue with ideas. The ideas find me, too. I am impressed with your editing process. Most of the time, I have to “vomit” whatever is going through my head at some point in writing it. Many times I have no idea what the end point is until I’ve gotten it on paper and then start editing. Sometimes that is the only way for me to see the point of the story clearly.

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  2. Mary Daniels Brown says:

    “find an outlet for the thoughts blocking your ideas.” This is the idea behind Julia Cameron’s morning pages (from her book “Artist’s Way”). She suggests that free writing by hand allows your mind to unburden itself of all the junk and that eventually you’ll get down to the real, important stuff. I’ve found that during periods when I do this daily, I both write and think (essentially the same) more clearly and more creatively.

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