Review: Water Into Wine by Joyce Chng

This book was just so beautifully written, I couldn’t put my Kindle down! I loved every word of it and selfishly, I didn’t want it to stop.


I can only describe this book as part literary fiction, part speculative fiction, and 100% awesome.

The story follow Xin and his family as they move to a vineyard in the midst of war. At its heart, the story is about a family just trying to make a good life for themselves, but as I’m sure we can all relate, things don’t always go to plan no matter how hard you try. Being good and doing right are not necessarily one in the same, a concept that Chng effortlessly enforces.

The characters develop throughout the story and I felt like I was on the journey with them. They were relatable and it was easy to form a bond with them. Oh, and the ending didn’t disappoint either.

I would recommend this book for anyone. Even if you’re not a fan of speculative fiction, it’s the characters that really drive the story and I think many would appreciate the realness and complexity contained within.

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