Don’t Throw It Away…

Hello there! It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these – it’s just like riding a bike, I hope. Seriously though, I haven’t ridden a bike in – when was John Howard Prime Minister?

To the topic at hand – don’t throw anything away. By that I don’t mean keep all your nail clippings in a jar, no I’m talking about your writing. Have you ever written something, thought it was terrible and thrown it in the trash? I too have done this, and regretted it. Gasp! I know you thought I was a sentient creature too advanced to fall into human traps, but alas, I’m just as miserably uncoordinated as the next person. No matter how much I tell myself I could boogie with the greats, I’m more akin to The Boogie Monster than Ginger Rogers.

I digress. All writers create works that are, let’s be honest, woefully poor in every possible way. But that doesn’t mean we should feed said garbage to the garbage disposal unit. Rather keep it stored it away, ready to be dug out and mined for the teeniest morsel of literary goodness. You never know when you’ll need, if only for a laugh.

Also, what you think is bad might not be. Writers are often too hard on themselves (raises hand – ooh that’s me). So, send your best, crummy work to wonderful editors who will delight in journeying through your literary world. So what if you receive a rejection?  Here’s a secret: We all receive rejections – loads of them. And you know what, that’s okay.

Yours truly,

A Word Hoarder

P.S. Please dispose of your nail clippings – keeping them in a jar is ewwy! Also, here are some awesome places to send your work to:

4 thoughts on “Don’t Throw It Away…

  1. Writing Sparkle says:

    Great advice. It is interesting when you dig out that saved piece of perceived bad work I often find I can do wonderful edits to it because of the distance I got from it by stashing it away. It transforms. Nice post, thanks for sharing.

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  2. Scott says:

    I agree. I haven been hanging on to most of what I’ve written over the years. Even it it’s still bad, I have found inspiration from some of that stuff. Or, at the very least, I have been able to rework something into something else I now like – just like @Writing Sparkle mentioned above. Good advice for sure.

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